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The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 8 Ultimate Burlesque The Mile High Club A is for Amour F is for Fetish Tasting Her Oysters & Chocolate Sex & Satisfaction 2


J is for Jealousy (ed. Alison Tyler) includes “Ten Percent of the Time.”
Cleis Press (2008), ISBN-13 978-1573443067.

Seriously Sexy 1 (ed. Miranda Forbes) includes “Impressionism.”
Xcite Books (2008), ISBN-13 978-1906373481.

She had to know. She could not work at this desk all day, in the middle of a busy city, and not be aware of when her panties were or were not visible to the casual observer. This really mattered to me. Because, if it were an accident, it would not be polite to let my gaze linger there, or return there between paintings. If, however, it was intentional—as I supposed—then I owed it to both of us to make the most of it.

“Full of Ideas” was published at The Erotic Woman in 2008.

Her shop window always made him smile. There stood mannequins who looked glad to be alive—though, in point of fact, they were not alive—clad in cheerful fashions that evoked not only feminine desirability but also, and more importantly, feminine euphoria. They looked like happy young women who always enjoyed themselves, who laughed frequently and experienced top-notch orgasms on a regular basis.

“Glimpsing Gretchen” was published at Clean Sheets in 2008.

No sooner had we scrambled out of the car into the beautiful, first-day-of-vacation outdoors, than she was unzipping her denim shorts. Even though Gretchen in her bathing suit was to be a public sight, her undressing felt private. I instinctively looked away for a few seconds—long enough to allow for the transition.

Coming Together: Under Fire (ed. Alessia Brio and Will Belegon) includes “The Secret to Perfect Fondue.” Sales benefit the Southern California Wildfire Relief Fund and the San Diego Foundation’s After-the-Fires 2007 Fund.
Coming Together (2007).

When he had invited her over for, as he put it, “an evening of fondue and sex,” she hadn’t realized the two were to be enjoyed concurrently. But as soon as he’d set the fondue things out, he’d invited her to remove her tights and panties. And when he chose a position on the floor rather than occupying the seat across the table from her, she’d begun to get the idea.

The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 7 (ed. Maxim Jakubowski) includes “Mindy’s Pheromones.”
Constable & Robinson (2007), ISBN-13 978-1845294809; Running Press (2007), ISBN-13 978-0786720750.

Over the next few days, my sense of smell finally seduced my other senses. Now I could not look at Mindy without admiring the subtle grace of her features; I could not listen to her talk without feeling tremors. How, I marveled, could I ever have found her looks to be bland and her voice to be ordinary? I began to see my previous unresponsiveness to her physical charms as a reflection on my own shortcomings.

“Existential Wendell” was published at Clean Sheets in 2007.

Sometimes he postpones masturbation, knowing that as long as an orgasm is still on the horizon, life has a purpose.

“Grateful as Panties” was published at Sex-Kitten in 2007.

“Involuntarily” was published at Clean Sheets in 2007.

So, being observant, I became familiar with the wardrobes, routines, and body language of the three gorgeous women who worked at the agency—and even with some elements of their personalities. If you think you can’t learn anything about someone’s personality by watching her through a window, then you’re not watching right. You can’t tell me that the particular way the sunny little blonde’s mouth curled up when she was on the phone wasn’t studied flirting. Or that the manner in which the willowy redhead’s eyes constantly drifted toward a stuffed hedgehog on her desk didn’t reveal a sentimental heart.

“Le Petit Déjeuner” was published at Good Vibrations Magazine in 2007.

“Pack the Essentials” was published at Good Vibrations Magazine in 2007.

“Vivian’s Checklist” was published at Good Vibrations Magazine in 2007.

“I just realized you forgot one,” she said softly.


“You only tickled me nine places,” she explained.

F is for Fetish (ed. Alison Tyler) includes “Slightly Ajar.”
Cleis Press (2007), ISBN-13 978-1573442848.

First, she started to leave the door slightly ajar. More or less closed—but not, technically, shut.

The flash piece “One Afternoon in Sherwood Forest” was published at Ruthie’s Club in 2007. [Paid membership required.]

“Water Nymph” was published in Forum [UK] magazine in 2007.

“Napkin on My Lap” was published at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic in 2007.

“Bathing Minerva” was published at The Erotic Woman in 2007.

“Le Petit Déjeuner” was published at Justus Roux’s Erotic Tales in 2007.

Coming Together: For the Cure (ed. Alessia Brio) includes “If We Were ....” Sales benefit Komen for the Cure.
Coming Together (2007).

She continued. “I think the difference between how I feel about sexy women and how I feel about sexy men is sort of like the difference between how I feel about painting versus sculpture. Paintings are my whole world. I eat, drink, and breathe them, I’m thinking about them all the time, and I practically live in the landscape gallery of the museum at school. If I could, I’d crawl into a painting at night instead of a bed. Whereas sculpture—hey, I like fine sculpture. Nice stuff, keep up the good work. But I wouldn’t put one in my house or anything.”

Five Minute Fantasies 2 (ed. Cathryn Cooper) includes “Half Measures.”
Xcite Books (2007), ISBN-13 978-1905170708.

I never did learn exactly why Millicent showed up at my place with no pants on at 1:30 in the morning. I had a general idea, of course, of the type of evening out that might have resulted in this scenario. But I still don’t know any of the specific details.

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