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“Behind the Scenes” was published in Scarlet magazine in 2009 [issue 53].

You can’t fool me, she thought, with your boyish little slacks and blazer. I know what kind of soft shoulders lurk beneath the jacket, what kind of round, feminine bottom presses against the trouser seat.

Girl Fun 1: Adventures in Lesbian Loving (ed. Miranda Forbes) includes “Symmetry.”
Xcite Books (2009), ISBN-13 978-1906373672.

They had matured right in step with each other, not only emotionally but also physically. The same still-nearly-invisible gray hairs, appearing unannounced. The same subtle thickening of the body, from “slight” to “svelte.” The same little lines around each woman’s mouth, which identified the wearer as someone who laughed long, hard, and often.

Coming Together: At Last, vol. 1 (ed. Alessia Brio) includes “Francine’s Kid.” Sales benefit Amnesty International.
Coming Together (2009).

When our lunch breaks happened to coincide later that day, I would gladly have joined her at her table in the cafeteria. Alas, it was full. So I settled for waving hello from across the room. I sat alone with a novel, lifting my eyes every so often to sneak a look at her. Each time her face shifted in my direction, I’d quickly turn my head, as if reading the menu on the wall. I must have read the menu fifteen times that day. I noticed there was some kind of special hamburger listed, called a “patty melt.” Personally, I didn’t eat meat; but the words gave me food for thought, and I spent much of that lunch break thinking of ways to make Patty melt.

Afternoon Delight: Erotica for Couples (ed. Alison Tyler) includes “Another Hole Week.”
Cleis Press (2009), ISBN-13 978-1573443418.

Why should I go to the trouble of tickling Lucille through the sweatband on her wrist, when the rest of her beautiful arm is entirely naked? Because I can’t resist a tickle hole, that’s why—and she knows it.

The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 8 (ed. Maxim Jakubowski) includes “Slightly Ajar.”
Constable & Robinson (2008), ISBN-13 978-1845298814; Running Press (2008), ISBN-13 978-0762436330.

First, she started to leave the door slightly ajar. More or less closed—but not, technically, shut.

“And⁄Or” was published in Forum [UK] magazine in 2008.

“Do you always work as a team?”

Jill giggled, and Marissa licked her lips. “Team, nothing,” she said. “You’re looking at a sophisticated, highly versatile, two-component stud-seducing machine.

“A well-oiled machine,” Jill added. Both girls cracked up at that. I grinned, too, though half my brain was still reeling from hearing myself described as a “stud.”

Sex & Shoes (ed. Lori Perkins) includes “Showstopper.”
Ravenous Romance (e-book, 2008).

“I want to tap dance naked for you,” said Melinda.

“Yes! I feel the same way,” I reciprocated with zest. I thought she was articulating a creative metaphor, one whose whimsy evoked the euphoria of erotic love.

“No, I really do.” Melinda, it turned out, had taken tap lessons before we’d met, and she’d been speaking literally. She still had the shoes somewhere, she said.

“The Golden Latke” was published at Ruthie’s Club in 2008. [Paid membership required.]

“I haven’t been with a man in a while,” Joyce confessed just inside the door to her room.

“Don’t worry,” said Bernie. “It’s like riding a—er, it’s okay.

Joyce giggled, sounding tipsier than she was. “How do you expect me to stay in the mood if you’re constantly making me laugh?”

“Making you laugh is precisely how I’m hoping to keep you in the mood.”

“Being Myself” was published at Clean Sheets in 2008.

I stammered an unnecessary drink order to an impatient bartender. Pink smiled at me after the bartender had slammed down my two-dollar club soda and skulked away. “He really wasn’t into getting you that club soda,” she said sympathetically. Her voice was higher than I’d expected, more sweet than sultry.

“I don’t even like club soda,” I said peevishly. Then I laughed idiotically and explained: “It was the first thing that came to mind.”

“You’re a goofball,” she pronounced, making it sound like it was half compliment.

“Ménage à Denim” was published at Ruthie’s Club in 2008. [Paid membership required.]

The relationships were compartmentalized, weren’t they, thought Dina. Like the pockets of her favorite pair of jeans ... Keys, rigid and ready, always in the right pocket. Soft, fresh tissues, always in the left.

Seriously Sexy 3 (ed. Miranda Forbes) includes “Who’s Been Wearing Aunt Clarissa’s Panties?”
Xcite Books (2008), ISBN-13 978-1906125905.

With giddy ruffles decorating her topography, she looked like a carnival, like a feast. I relished the prospect of fondling every bit of lace, of letting her feel my fingers through the soft interface of the alluring garment.

She paraded in front of the bed, sweetly and shyly, with only a hint of exhibitionistic flair. She spun and shimmied, letting me enjoy the aerodynamic sizzle of the fluttering ruffles, which reminded me of the thin metal jingles on a tambourine. How I wanted to play Megan’s percussion!

Never Have the Same Sex Twice (Alison Tyler) includes “Le Petit Déjeuner.”
Cleis Press (2008), ISBN-13 978-1573443326.

As we make love, I imagine that we are back in Paris. That there is a bidet in our bathroom. That people are speaking French on the sidewalk below. That around the corner is the little pharmacy where I had to resort to an earthy pantomime to indicate that I required a box of condoms. Where the pharmacist, a handsome woman of about thirty-five with dark, humorous eyes, smiled knowingly at me when I paid for them.

Frenzy: Sixty Stories of Sudden Sex (ed. Alison Tyler) includes “You in Your Apricot Panties.”
Cleis Press (2008), ISBN-13 978-1573443319.

Ultimate Burlesque (ed. Alyson Fixter and Emily Dubberley) includes “Laura the Laugher.” Sales benefit Macmillan Cancer Support.
Xcite Books (2008), ISBN-13 978-1906373634.

It was quite brief, but it rang across the room and sizzled down Regina’s spine, coming to rest at the small of her back. Laura followed it with an even briefer trill, and Regina found her buttocks shifting involuntarily. She felt embarrassed ... yet curious. What was funny? And why did the pretty, irrelevant laughter seem to resonate with every cocktail glass and beer bottle in the nightclub—and with Regina’s bones?

“Her Sensuous Secret” was published at Ruthie’s Club in 2008. [Paid membership required.]

She'd been dropping hints, trying to safely plant the idea. “I have to pee,” she would say before leaving a restaurant booth for the ladies’ room, emphasizing the word, making brief eye contact with Oliver, and wondering if the idea excited him. Was that a flicker of interest she saw each time, or just a projection of her own enthusiasm?

“Glimpsing Gretchen” was published at Justus Roux's Erotic Tales in 2008.

Tasting Her: Oral Sex Stories (ed. Rachel Kramer Bussel) includes “Cavanaugh’s Ridge.”
Cleis Press (2008), ISBN-13 978-1573443241.

I could visualize Estelle’s pussy in complete, meticulous detail—just as I could visualize the topo map of our county if I shut my eyes (and had nothing better to visualize). No two landscapes look alike, and I had studied every valley, slope, swirl, and crevice of the private national park between Estelle's legs. As I lay there at night imagining her map spread out for me, I felt like a horny park ranger, giving myself a tour.

Satisfy Me (ed. Miranda Forbes) includes “Any Friend of Hers.”
Xcite Books (2008), ISBN-13 978-1906125882.

“Do you ever sort of want to fuck my friends?”

It was a strange question to hear on a Saturday morning. Consequently, it was a struggle for me to swallow rather than eject the mouthful of coffee that Dahlia’s query had overtaken.

“Huh?” I laughed. “Last I knew, this was a monogamous relationship.” I looked around from left to right, as though expecting extraneous women to emerge from the pantry or laundry chute.

“Do Friends Tickle?” was published in Forum [UK] magazine in 2008.

“Don’t tickle me, now,” she said.

I didn’t know what it was about the way she made this remark that suggested it might be more an invitation than an admonition. Maybe it was the fact that she’d spoken with a hint of light laughter, as if someone were already tickling her—as if just the idea of being tickled was ticklish to her.

“Unruly” was published in Scarlet magazine in 2008.

Whenever I observed her indulging in one of these trivial acts of rule-breaking, I always had the same feeling—that her compulsion was directly connected to a sexual wire. This was why, where her behavior would otherwise have seemed pointless and mildly annoying to me, it was in fact alluring.

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