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“Judy Never ...” was published in Forum [UK] magazine in 2009.

Ultimate Decadence (ed. Emily Dubberley, Sarah Berry, and Alyson Fixter) includes “The Gilded Fountain.” Sales benefit Macmillan Cancer Support.
Xcite Books (2009), ISBN-13 978-1906373795.

Jocelyn’s club was housed in an impressive eighteenth-century building in a quiet street. The moon came out from behind clouds just as the couple arrived, and its glow gave the staid facade an exciting aura of promise.

They were elegantly attired. “There’s no specific dress code,” Jocelyn had explained. “Most people just find something dramatic or glamorous to wear—you’ll see why.”

“It Takes W-2 to Tango” was published at The Erotic Woman in 2009.

And, of course, it was funny—if not in a “ha-ha” sense, then certainly in a “what-the-fuck?” sense. Yes, thought Galen, it was funny that a thirty-year-old executive accountant would screw up the same employee’s paperwork year after year—and his paperwork alone—with such efficient regularity that you’d think she was earning a commission on it.

Then again, he reminded himself, she was earning a sort of commission, wasn’t she?

“Doing the Math” was published at Clean Sheets in 2009.

Time slows down while conflicting and contradictory thoughts fly back and forth across his mind like bats: She said to. I’m married. It’s mistletoe. Christmas is over. She’s a colleague. She’s comfortable with it. Sharon wouldn’t like it. Sharon would like it.

“Being Myself” was published at Justus Roux’s Erotic Tales in 2009.

I stammered an unnecessary drink order to an impatient bartender. Pink smiled at me after the bartender had slammed down my two-dollar club soda and skulked away. “He really wasn’t into getting you that club soda,” she said sympathetically. Her voice was higher than I’d expected, more sweet than sultry.

“I don’t even like club soda,” I said peevishly. Then I laughed idiotically and explained: “It was the first thing that came to mind.”

“You’re a goofball,” she pronounced, making it sound like it was half compliment.

“In Her Element” was published in Scarlet magazine in 2009 [issue 58].

“In Character” was published at Black Heart Magazine in 2009.

The ethical question was, did it behoove me to explain to the amorous redhead that she was getting involved with a fictitious character, and not a real person?

“Legs of the Orchid” was published in Scarlet magazine in 2009 [issue 57].

Sex & Satisfaction 2 (ed. Miranda Forbes) includes “Moistened by Mercer.”
Xcite Books (2009), ISBN-13 978-1906373726.

“Sure, Merce, let’s race.” She giggled again. “What does the victor get?”

“Well—haha—are sexual favors off limits?” This was more my style than an unanticipated hoisting of a friend onto the top of a photocopier: easing into it, within the context of some lighthearted kidding around.

“You’re a dirty old man, Mercer.”

“Check,” I said. “Isn’t everyone?”

“No,” she reasoned crisply. “I, for example, am not a man.”

Looking over her scrumptious anatomy, I acknowledged to myself that she had an excellent point. “And not dirty?” I asked—teasing, because I was pretty damn sure she was even dirtier than I was.

“I didn’t say that.”

“Something Different” was published as an audio download at A Woman’s Goodnight in 2009.

“Calling Plan” was published in Forum [UK] magazine in 2009.

“Cordelia’s Significance” was published at Clean Sheets in 2009.

I raised an eyebrow. “Are you trying to seduce me by engaging in abstract discussions of sexuality?”

“No, and put that eyebrow down. I’m engaging in abstract discussions of sexuality because it’s what I do. If it has the effect of seducing you, that’s all well and good, of course. But that’s not why I’m doing it.”

“The Fabric” was published at Clean Sheets in 2009.

“I like my pleasures parceled out in discrete moments.”

“You must get more out of them than most people. Your pleasures, I mean.”

“Perhaps I do.”

“That’s good, um ...“ Her eyebrows inquired his name.


“That’s very good, Federico. Very sensual of you.”

He valued the implication that she was an authority.

Oysters & Chocolate: Erotica of Every Flavor (ed. Jordan LaRousse and Samantha Sade) includes “Human.”
NAL/Penguin (2009), ISBN-13 978-0451226822 .

She embodied a different sort of perfection now, vividly raunchy rather than elegantly poised. Her blouse was two-thirds unbuttoned, and her black panties and creamy thighs told a story of female sensuality that her stockings had only hinted at.

“Slip through My Door” was published in Scarlet magazine in 2009 [issue 55].

“Warming the Bench” was published at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic in 2009.

Bascombe has warned her of his eccentricity in the studio.

Swing! Adventures in Swinging by Today’s Top Erotica Writers (ed. Jolie du Pré) includes “Check and Mate.”
Logical-Lust (2009), ISBN-13 978-1905091355.


Gail nodded.

“I understand.” Dawson patted her hand. “Just remember, you’ll be with people you trust, and no one’s going to pressure you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

“You’re sweet. But I’m not nervous about the fucking. I’m nervous about the chess.”

“Cavanaugh’s Ridge” was published at Justus Roux's Erotic Tales in 2009.

Playing with Fire: Taboo Erotica (ed. Alison Tyler) includes “Three on a Match.”
Cleis Press (2009), ISBN-13 978-1573443487.

“Would you like to spend a little time with me, Doug?” Renata asked abruptly.

“Huh?” I said stupidly. “What do you mean?”

Colin exchanged knowing looks with her, then grinned at me. “We thought it might help you get the whole thing out of your system.”

I knew my face was as red as the official school sweats. I felt pathetic. “What, you mean like we go to the movies or something?” I asked weakly.

“No, Doug,” Renata said softly. “Not the movies.” Her weight shifted as she spoke to me, and I saw an instantaneous flash of pink silk lightning under her mini.

The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories (ed. Rachel Kramer Bussel) includes “Get On, Get Off.”
Cleis Press (2009), ISBN-13 978-1573443456.

Get on, get off when you fly in masturbation class! Only from Zirbin Airlines.

Trendsetting tycoon Maxwell Zirbin had definitely outdone himself this time.

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