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Sex at Work (ed. Miranda Forbes) includes “Marriage of Convenience.”
Xcite Books (2011), ISBN-13 978-1907016103. Also available in the e-book Under the Desk.

They were distracted by the fulfilling insanity of their professional lives, but not too distracted to take advantage of every opportunity they had to enjoy each other’s personalities and bodies and scents and erogenous zones and sexual imaginations. Day after day, this uncommitted couple, who had been matched up for the screen by producers and agents, matched themselves up in the most physically intimate ways they could find.

Nice Girls, Naughty Sex (ed. Jordan LaRousse and Samantha Sade) includes “Eastern Daylight Time.”
Seal Press (2011), ISBN-13 978-1580053433.

She stopped just before an intersection. From her vantage point, the fair was infinite: The parade of delicacies continued in all directions, with the usual traffic diverted into another world. She hesitated while considering which way to proceed.

“Hey, Peach.”

She turned her head. The woman at the last booth on the block had beautiful gray eyes, and they were locked on Nancy’s.

“Want to try some vegan yummies?”

Why did the way she said that innocent word, yummies, make Nancy feel as if the woman were grabbing her ripe summer ass?

Gotta Have It: Sixty-Nine Stories of Sudden Sex (ed. Rachel Kramer Bussel) includes “No Blame, No Shame.”
Cleis Press (2011), ISBN-13 978-1573446471.

“Check and Mate” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2011.
Part 1. Part 2.


Gail nodded.

“I understand.” Dawson patted her hand. “Just remember, you’ll be with people you trust, and no one’s going to pressure you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

“You’re sweet. But I’m not nervous about the fucking. I’m nervous about the chess.”

“Cavanaugh’s Ridge” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2011.

I could visualize Estelle’s pussy in complete, meticulous detail—just as I could visualize the topo map of our county if I shut my eyes (and had nothing better to visualize). No two landscapes look alike, and I had studied every valley, slope, swirl, and crevice of the private national park between Estelle's legs. As I lay there at night imagining her map spread out for me, I felt like a horny park ranger, giving myself a tour.

“Three on a Match” was published at Justus Roux's Erotic Tales in 2011.

“Would you like to spend a little time with me, Doug?” Renata asked abruptly.

“Huh?” I said stupidly. “What do you mean?”

Colin exchanged knowing looks with her, then grinned at me. “We thought it might help you get the whole thing out of your system.”

I knew my face was as red as the official school sweats. I felt pathetic. “What, you mean like we go to the movies or something?” I asked weakly.

“No, Doug,” Renata said softly. “Not the movies.” Her weight shifted as she spoke to me, and I saw an instantaneous flash of pink silk lightning under her mini.

“Beau Nouveau” was published at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic in 2010.

The fact that she asked for only one bottle of wine could be a good sign. Maybe the rest of them have a concert tonight. Hooray for concerts. Tonight, I would gladly underwrite a symphony or two if it would clear Barbara’s house of extraneous musicians.

“The Gushing Ghost of Grafenberg Falls” was published in Foreplay magazine in 2010.

Jean’s funny look deepened into a knowing one. “You may think this is crazy... but it’s rumored there’s a benign ghost in that house.”

The young man laughed. “You’re suggesting it’s a puddle of ectoplasm?

“Not exactly,” said Jean, pushing a lock of hair away from her eyes. She walked to a bookshelf and brought an old photo album to the table.

“Undercurrents” was published in Desire Presents Fetish magazine in 2010.

The flash piece “I’m Told I Make Good Coffee” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2010.

“Bread & Bedfest” was published at Clean Sheets in 2010.

I didn’t come to Brussels with the goal of figuring out when a stranger was getting it. But that’s only because my guidebook didn’t tell me about the entrancing aroma of coffee and newspaper and satisfied woman that fondles me every time I walk by Nathalie.

“In My Father’s Footsteps” was published at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic in 2010.

“There was a picture of you with his things. I found it years later, when I took stuff out of storage.”

“That’s sweet. A snapshot from the seventies, huh?” She chuckled. “God, what was I wearing?”

I shook my head “no,” and Vicky caught my meaning and blushed.

“Eight Strawberry Slices” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2010.

The flash piece “Ritual” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2010.

The flash piece “Croissandwich” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2010.

“A Day with Audrey” was published in Foreplay magazine in 2010.

“Tire Stud” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2010.

“Hi, Mitch. I’m Ruth. Do you mind if I feel your tread?”

He smiled. “Why not? After all, I don’t have any biceps to speak of.”

He bent an elbow and offered me a forearm. I ran my finger, with slow ecstasy, along one of the sensuous grooves. The soft, squishy sound of my fingertip dragging along the rubber seemed thunderous in my ears, and I could swear I felt his skin warming through the rubber, beneath my touch.

Coupling (ed. Sommer Marsden) includes “Drinking Her under the Table.”
eXcessica (2010), ISBN-13 978-1609823818.

It only works because I know her so well—her face, her memories, her emotions and thought patterns.

“If We Were ...” was published at The Erotic Woman in 2010.

She continued. “I think the difference between how I feel about sexy women and how I feel about sexy men is sort of like the difference between how I feel about painting versus sculpture. Paintings are my whole world. I eat, drink, and breathe them, I’m thinking about them all the time, and I practically live in the landscape gallery of the museum at school. If I could, I’d crawl into a painting at night instead of a bed. Whereas sculpture—hey, I like fine sculpture. Nice stuff, keep up the good work. But I wouldn’t put one in my house or anything.”

“The Secret to Perfect Fondue” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2010.

When he had invited her over for, as he put it, “an evening of fondue and sex,” she hadn’t realized the two were to be enjoyed concurrently. But as soon as he’d set the fondue things out, he’d invited her to remove her tights and panties. And when he chose a position on the floor rather than occupying the seat across the table from her, she’d begun to get the idea.

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