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“Heels, Stockings, Girdle, Bra, Face” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2012.
Part 1. Part 2.

“Vi’s Velvet Vibes” was published at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic in 2012.

I had been eyeing the milky flesh of her inner upper arms, where they flowed out of her sleeveless lemon top. Now I couldn’t wait to get my fingers in there and produce five seconds of silky giggles. I couldn’t wait, and I didn’t wait.

She wanted this badly. Hell, she had dressed for it. As I zeroed in on her underarm, she pivoted her elbow to allow me perfect access. I made contact, and she shrieked with glee.

“An Eye for Aesthetics” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2012.
Part 1. Part 2.

She’d never even fantasized about a foursome, let alone contemplated it seriously. She’d never fantasized about a threesome, for that matter. Colleen had healthy carnal appetites and a vivid sexual imagination, but her creativity generally ran to exotic one-on-one vignettes.

But the two characters hogging the cruise ship’s billiard table were so aesthetic to Colleen.

69 (ed. Alison Tyler) includes “Cast Party” and “Laplanders.”
Harlequin Spice (2012), ISBN-13 978-1459234604.

It was a funny thing about theater people. Sometimes you didn’t know whether a fellow cast member was sharing intimate details as a way of coming on, or whether it was just an expression of that individual’s extroversion and openness.

“Doing the Math” was published at Justus Roux's Erotic Tales in 2012.

Time slows down while conflicting and contradictory thoughts fly back and forth across his mind like bats: She said to. I’m married. It’s mistletoe. Christmas is over. She’s a colleague. She’s comfortable with it. Sharon wouldn’t like it. Sharon would like it.

“Sweater Sparks” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2012.
Part 1. Part 2.

While he wandered the festival, he replayed their history in his mind. And he laughed at himself for thinking of it as a “history”: technically speaking, they had no history together—or at least no History. Had they ever even interacted outside of business hours? Calvin couldn’t remember a single time when he and Louise had headed in the same direction after locking up the store, or when they’d deliberately or even serendipitously intersected at a party or club. As discussed, she was always heading east when he was heading west; going home when he was going out; seeing a play when he was hearing a band; walking toward the quays when he was biking toward the park.

The flash piece “Curated” was published at FeatherLit in 2012.

“Half-Measures” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2012.

I never did learn exactly why Millicent showed up at my place with no pants on at 1:30 in the morning. I had a general idea, of course, of the type of evening out that might have resulted in this scenario. But I still don’t know any of the specific details.

“Changing Objectives” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2012.
Part 1. Part 2.

While she quickly filled out the form she had prepared, she was aware that Gavin was watching her. A glance in his direction revealed that his mouth hung open in an expression of perplexity. But his eyes seemed to burn with something else—something intoxicating, something that made her acutely aware of the rude but sensuous way her skirt was caressing her ass crack, and the titillating breath of the climate-controlled air around her bare ankles.

Girl Fever (ed. Sacchi Green) includes “System.”
Cleis Press (2012), ISBN-13 978-1573447911.

The flash piece “Ambiguity” was published at FeatherLit in 2012.

“Water Nymph” was published at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic in 2012.

Going Down (ed. Rachel Kramer Bussel) includes “Bubble Dance.”
Cleis Press (2012), ISBN-13 978-1573447898.

Before she came into my life, I never knew it was possible to chew bubble gum in a manner that could be described as sensuous. But, oh, that it is. Her jaw works with a rhythm reminiscent of slow fucking: smooth on the downstrokes, then back up in broken segments of release. Her tongue darts out to lick her lips from time to time. They look hot and succulent.

“Any Day of the Week” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2012.
Part 1. Part 2.

I began to hone in on her rhythm. Her fingers tapping on the keyboard, her legs shifting position, her papers rustling ... these themes interacted to establish an erotic beat that was punctuated by her unconscious flashing, which was becoming more frequent. Tappity-tap WINK rustle-rustle WINK shift-rustle-rustle-shift WINK.

“Laura the Laugher” was published at Justus Roux's Erotic Tales in 2012.

It was quite brief, but it rang across the room and sizzled down Regina’s spine, coming to rest at the small of her back. Laura followed it with an even briefer trill, and Regina found her buttocks shifting involuntarily. She felt embarrassed ... yet curious. What was funny? And why did the pretty, irrelevant laughter seem to resonate with every cocktail glass and beer bottle in the nightclub—and with Regina’s bones?

Stretched (ed. Tinder James) includes “Reconnect.”
Racy Pages (2012), ISBN-13 978-0984371433.

“He looks almost unchanged,” Dana said to Colleen over dinner. “Very well preserved, as they say.”

“I bathe him in formaldehyde every night,” said Colleen with a wink.

When Dana had finished laughing, I returned the compliment, with full sincerity. “You look the same, too.” It was no strain to recall why I’d been attracted to Dana, from her confident personality to her squeezable body and angelic face.

Her hands unfurled into open palms. “I think I am the same.”

“That’s probably a good thing, in your case. Luckily, those of us who were actually in need of some maturation didn’t have to follow that plan.”

“Maturation, eh?” grinned Dana. “So that’s what you were in need of.” She turned to Colleen. “I kept offering him something else.”

The flash piece “Light Show” was published at FeatherLit in 2012.

“The Gushing Ghost of Grafenberg Falls” was published at Every Night Erotica in 2012.
Part 1. Part 2.

Jean’s funny look deepened into a knowing one. “You may think this is crazy... but it’s rumored there’s a benign ghost in that house.”

The young man laughed. “You’re suggesting it’s a puddle of ectoplasm?

“Not exactly,” said Jean, pushing a lock of hair away from her eyes. She walked to a bookshelf and brought an old photo album to the table.

“Boston. Breasts. Bohemian” was published at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic in 2012.

“Sorry about the breasts,” he said nervously, stepping to the side so he could face me. I took a peek at the cartoon lady’s cleavage, which I hadn’t noticed before. “I didn’t mean to draw them so large. I don’t want people to decide I’m one of those guys who thinks a woman amounts to a set of breasts.”

I felt a flush in my own, relatively generous, chest. “It’s okay, Ned. Hey, women have breasts. And breasts are nice, right?” I laughed, more self-consciously than I was used to in my workplace.

“The Girl Who Mounted Danny Olsen’s Instrument” was published at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic in 2011.

“What the devil is it?”

“An autonavigation machine.” Sal nodded at the heavy-looking metal box that had been affixed to the handlebars. “It’s based on essentially the same principle as the Pianola. My device reads a rolled-up map, then translates the cyclist’s desired route into the appropriate maneuvers.”

“But how does—”

“Naturally, the map must be specially prepared in advance, with the rider’s planned route scored onto it with the dull end of a needle.”

“Which, as we know, can be found in the dull end of a haystack.”

Dan’s unanticipated interjection made Fay shriek with laughter. No man of hers in Paris, however sensually sophisticated, had shown a wit such as this.

“Thank you, Professor Olsen,” said Sal.

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