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“Night of Treats” was published at Sex-Kitten in 2006.

“Changing Objectives” was published at The Erotic Woman in 2006.

While she quickly filled out the form she had prepared, she was aware that Gavin was watching her. A glance in his direction revealed that his mouth hung open in an expression of perplexity. But his eyes seemed to burn with something else—something intoxicating, something that made her acutely aware of the rude but sensuous way her skirt was caressing her ass crack, and the titillating breath of the climate-controlled air around her bare ankles.

“Who’s Been Wearing Aunt Clarissa’s Panties” was published at Tit-Elation in 2006.

The story suite “Liquid Intimacies” was published at Ruthie’s Club in 2006. [Paid membership required.]

“Oh, you sexy boy. This is the kind of thing that can make a grown girl wet her pants,” she laughed, with a suggestion in her voice that though it might be a bit of an inconvenience to wet her pants here and now, the scenario otherwise held an attraction for her.

“Adrienne’s Ironic Lingerie” was published at Kara’s Erotica for Women in 2006.

“Did you say ‘erotic lingerie’?”

“No, ironic lingerie. It’s erotic, too, of course. But this was not the point I was making.” Adrienne’s eyes glinted with sharp intelligence and dry humor, as they usually do.

Okay. I had no idea what she was talking about. But I was used to that. I love Adrienne madly, and when her eyes glimmer that way she can speak nonsense or Old Norse, and I won’t mind.

“Adrienne’s Ironic Lingerie” was published at Tit-Elation in 2006.

“The Girl Who Loved to Pee” was published at Sex-Kitten in 2006.

“Lydia ... why didn’t you look me up sooner?” I asked in a libidinous groan.

“I don’t know. I guess I’m a little shy.”

“You’re not acting very shy now,” I smiled.

“If We Were ...” was published at Clean Sheets in 2006.

She continued. “I think the difference between how I feel about sexy women and how I feel about sexy men is sort of like the difference between how I feel about painting versus sculpture. Paintings are my whole world. I eat, drink, and breathe them, I’m thinking about them all the time, and I practically live in the landscape gallery of the museum at school. If I could, I’d crawl into a painting at night instead of a bed. Whereas sculpture—hey, I like fine sculpture. Nice stuff, keep up the good work. But I wouldn’t put one in my house or anything.”

“Vacation Plans” was published at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic in 2006.

Once inside the room, I lower the blinds and undress completely. I lean my head down over your pillow and sniff. Shampoo. It smells yummy, almost edible ... yet it isn’t this I’m searching for.

“The Ass Pajama Lottery” was published at Clean Sheets in 2006.

Every night, I enter the room and find her sitting up in bed reading, in raspberry-sherbet pajamas, the covers pulled up to her waist.

“Any Day of the Week” was published at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic in 2006.

I began to hone in on her rhythm. Her fingers tapping on the keyboard, her legs shifting position, her papers rustling ... these themes interacted to establish an erotic beat that was punctuated by her unconscious flashing, which was becoming more frequent. Tappity-tap WINK rustle-rustle WINK shift-rustle-rustle-shift WINK.

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