Praise for Jeremy Edwards

“Jeremy Edwards’ masterful blend of sensuousness with a splash of kink is sure to arouse the most sophisticated readers.”
—Alison Tyler

“Jeremy Edwards is one of the best writers of erotic fiction.”
—Polly Frost, author of Deep Inside and Sex Scenes

“Jeremy Edwards is an incredible storyteller.”
—Ashley Lister, Erotica Readers & Writers Association

“As a prose stylist, Edwards is nimble as his protagonists.”
—Matt Henderson Ellis

“Jeremy Edwards never fails to please.”
—Lucrezia Magazine

“One of the most original and amusing erotic authors around.”
—Lisabet Sarai, Erotica Readers & Writers Association

“For unique and intelligent erotica, go no further than Jeremy Edwards.”
—The Erotic Woman

“His stories are witty, charming, intelligent, raunchy, and wildly arousing.”
—Saskia Walker

“Nobody marries humour and erotica quite like Jeremy Edwards.”
—Justine Elyot

“His upbeat stories should be required reading for a sex-positive approach to the sensual life.”
—Donna George Storey

“Jeremy Edwards has, in two novels and countless shorter pieces, managed to earn himself a spot as a master of erotocomedic fiction. The light, carefree but deeply affectionate way in which his characters interact with each other has become his trademark, and I’m hooked on it.”
—Madeline Elayne

“His strength is that his work is so well done on all fronts, from sex to character to plot, and back again. ”
—Claudia Wyckoff

“Edwards manages to take mundane scenarios and turn them into highly erotic romps that leap from the page and into your imagination.... Witty, humorous, and erotically romantic.... It is a flavor all its own.”
—Roxanne Rhoads

Photo by Mayumi Yoshimaru.

This page revised February 4, 2022.